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Wednesday December 03, 2003

I updated the Frequently Asked Questions with more precise information regarding how to contact William Horwood, including the news that the e-mail address for him no longer works.

Some tidying of links related to The Duncton Trilogies involving removing defunct links.

Removed a couple of broken links in the section on Skallagrigg. I've added a quotation found in Couples with Intellectual Disabilities Talk about Living and Loving by Karin Melberg Schwier.

In Tales of the Willows, added a couple more entries and fixed the link to the interview with William Horwood from HarperCollins.

Friday October 03, 2003

In Places of Moledom, I fixed various links and removed a few which no longer work. A few new links about Tryfan.

I did some smiliar tidying up in the Callanish section, as well as for The Stonor Eagles.

Thursday May 22, 2003

Not much added, but it seemed about time that I get an update done.

I've linked to a lengthy review of Duncton Wood.

In the section on Skallagrigg, links to three more reviews.

Linked to another profile, and the official homepage, of Geoff Taylor, whose cover art graces The Wolves of Time.

Thursday February 20, 2003

Various bits of information added to the Book List, thanks to FantasticFiction's information.

In the section on The Duncton Trilogies, I've added two photographs of moles and the words to Christians, Awake!

A few new links added and some defunct ones removed in the section aboutThe Stonor Eagles.

Under Tales of the Willows, some links related to the films of The Wind in the Willows and The Willows in Winter.

Monday December 09, 2002

Various changes and additions as my final update of this year.

I made a few small changes to the biographical information on William Horwood, and added a link to an author profile on him.

Two more links to photographs of the Callanish standing stones in the section on Callanish. I've completely remade the title graphic, and generally tidied up the look of that section.

In the section on Skallagrigg, I've made a new title graphic, and made the background of the page white. Added four links, three of them about the film version.

Three newly-added reviews under Tales of the Willows.

Sunday August 25, 2002

Added front cover images for a Penguin paperback of Callanish and the Fontana Overseas edition of Duncton Tales to the Book List, thanks to Tim Gadd.

In Frequently Asked Questions, a new one specific to The Stonor Eagles.

Added a photo to my page on harpoon traps in the Duncton Wood section. Removed a couple of dead links.

Added two new links about Sea Eagles to The Stonor Eagles section, and removed some links which are no longer working. In my section of artwork based on the novel, added a portrait of a Raven, and listed the filesize of each image.

Removed the hit counter at the bottom of this page.

Saturday May 25, 2002

For anyone interested, I've added the hit count statistics from the original discussion board to the WHBooks Community page.

In the section on The Stonor Eagles, added a larger image of the Franklin Watts hardcover. Added one more comment to Praise for The Stonor Eagles, though it's less than completely enthusiastic.

Added links to two more reviews of Skallagrigg.

I picked up a hardcover copy of The Wolves of Time Volume 2: Seekers at the WulfRock the other day. I've added front and back cover images to the book list, and in The Wolves of Time section, along with a link to a review of Journeys to the Heartland.

Friday February 08, 2002

Added a question about obtaining copies of the books, and another small note on pronounciation, to the Frequently Asked Questions.

In the section on Duncton Wood, added links to three more reviews. Corrected the link about Adrian William's orchestral piece, and added two more music-related links.

In the Duncton Trilogies section, added a commentary and a discussion, as well as information on moles from I moved the "Seven Stillstones, Seven Books made" text, rearranging how I link to them, along with adding the original English. Corrected links and deleated dead ones.

Added larger cover images of Duncton Rising and Duncton Stone paperbacks. Resaved the remaining preview images of the Duncton novels.

Did some rearranging of The Wolves of Time section. Made the information that it is a series of only two books, not a trilogy, prominent at the top. Added a profile on the cover artist, and a link to a forum thread discussing the novels. Labelled as "based on the books" are links to a pencil drawing of the Magyar leaders, as well as a page on my own roleplayed character Jicin. Removed a few dead links.

Some general musing: This site has existed since mid 1997. I'm not sure of the exact date, as I didn't start keeping track of updates until November, but I believe I started the site in May. That's nearly five years ago. I won't deny that updates have been irregular at times. Sometimes that's putting it mildly--consider the gap between June 2000 and March 2001. But I've never forgotten about this site, or stopped reading and replying to e-mails about it.

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