William Horwood's Tales of the Willows

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William Horwood is the author of four sequels to The Wind in the Willows, forming the Tales of the Willows series:

Wil The Willows in Winter

Wil Toad Triumphant

Wil The Willows And Beyond

Wil The Willows At Christmas

A 1994 edition of The Wind in the Willows published by HarperCollins includes an introduction by William Horwood, and is illustrated by Patrick Benson who also illustrated Horwood's Tales of the Willows.

Illustrators - Patrick Benson from the Kenneth Grahame Society

The coolness of the riverbank, and the whispering of the reeds
Daybreak is not so very far away
Enchanted and spellbound, in the silence they lingered
And rowed the boat as the light grew steadily strong

— Van Morrison, "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn"

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