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When she said the word she had pride in her eyes. "I can spell it," she would say, "with an S and a K and an A and an L and another L and an A and a G and an R and an I and two G's," as if someone had taught her.

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David KearneyCover0670801321

Photograph by Michael TrevillionCoverCover0140072063

Photograph by Sam AtkinsCoverCover0140231773
PenguinPaperbackPhotograph by Michael TrevillionCover0140072063

B Reviews:

Some of the passages would wring tears from a stone
— Yvonne Nolan in the Observer

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BSkallagrigg was published in Japanese in 1997, listed with a copyright to Steppenmole Enterprises. (Reference: Entry in WorldCat.)

B One reader mentions Skallagrigg, and a note she received in March 2000.

In "The novel and the safe journey of healing", a lecture given in the late 1990s and then published The Novel: Spirituality and Modern Culture (2000), William Horwood describes some of the the encounters and influences which led to his writing of Skallagrigg.

The Novel: Spirituality and Modern Culture: Eight Novelists Write about their Craft and their Context was edited by Paul S. Fiddes. Published in Cardiff by University of Wales Press, 2000.

Q The family trees of Esther Marquand and of Arthur. Both contain significant spoilers but the years may not be entirely accurate.

From Links about the 1994 BBC film based on Skallagrigg

Q I was reminded of Skallagrigg as I read Couples with Intellectual Disabilities Talk about Living and Loving by Karin Melberg Schwier. (Woodbine House, 1994)

Dave Hingsburger, in his book I Contact: Sexuality and People with Developmental Disabilities, says the most difficult question any person with a disability ever asked him ... was "Dave, do you think it is okay for me to love?" [This following is part of] his response:

"I wish the answer could just be a simple yes. Yes, I believe it is okay for you to love. ... I had no easy answer. So I said,

"Yes, but it will take courage.

Courage because people will punish you. Systems will separate you and society will laught at you.

Courage because churches may not marry you, laws may not allow you, and families may abandon you.

Courage because love does not grow easily in your world. Love upsets the delicate balance between us and you.

Courage because love makes us angry. Love makes us frightened when we see it. Love makes us see you differently.

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