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Monday December 21, 1998

Greetings on Longest Night!

In The Wolves of Time section, added the front and back covers of the hardcover edition of Journeys to the Heartland, and of the paperback edition of Seekers at the WulfRock, and the map of the Wolfways.

Changed the link back to this page from the subpages, adding a button image. Made some minor changes to the Book List.

Saturday November 28

Finally completed a structural update, implimenting the 'fake frames' visible on the left. During this have changed some headings and icons, and added the copyright information section below. Moved the August 29 update to Previous Updates.

Saturday October 17

Changed the Skallagrigg page slightly. Added the back cover of the Ballantine Duncton Wood paperback to the Book List. In the Duncton Trilogies section, added a link to mole information from the Alpha Pest Control site.

Wednesday September 30

Fixed some links in the Book List, and added a few cover images. On The Stonor Eagles page, added links to two pages on Sea Eagles, a link to a photo of a sea eagle from Arctic Images, and four drawings of Sea Eagles by me. On the Callanish page, added a link to information on Golden Eagles from the Aviary. Added another quotation to the page on Harpoon traps. Joined the recently-created William Horwood Ring. Changed the background color of this page to white. Moved August 10-21 updates to Previous Updates.

Saturday September 5

Added many cover scans: the McGraw-Hill edition of Duncton Wood, the Arrow paperbacks of Duncton Quest, Duncton Found and The Stonor Eagles, the HarperCollins paperbacks of Duncton Tales and Journeys to the Heartland, the HarperCollins hardback of Duncton Rising, and the Franklin Watts hardcover of The Stonor Eagles. I scanned all of these except the last, which was scanned by Sherrie and is from her page on that edition, which she's selling. Added previews of the covers to the Book list. Because of this, removed the Duncton Covers previews from Graphics Related to the Duncton Books, so that its now only related images. Fan-art, I suppose. :-) Added a number of hand-done images.
Made a few changes to the Tales From Longest Night and Harpoon Traps pages. Added a page on Callanish from the Stones of Wonder website.

Saturday August 29

Changed the Wolves of Time graphic slightly. Made a few aditions to Praise for Duncton Wood. Made a long overdue update to my section of graphics related to the Duncton books. Added Duncton Wood and Duncton Quest cover image links to the Book list. I know the images are very low quality; I'll replace them eventually.
Removed a couple dead links on the Callanish page. Moved July 7-25 updates to Previous Updates, and changed the background of that page to white.

Friday August 21

On The Wolves of Time page, made some small text changes, added a META keywords tag, and a link to the Tatra Mountains Pictures. Made some small changes to The Wolves of Time is not a trilogy.
In the Duncton Trilogies section, changed the Mammal Society Fact Sheet on Moles link.

Monday August 17

On a technical note, finally added a META tag. Made various small changes to the Book List to make it narrower.
In The Stonor Eagles section, removed the Internet Bookshop blurb link as uninteresting, and links to a gallery of Sea Eagle photos, Operation Survival Stills, and two photos of flying Ravens, as dead links. Added links to a linedrawing of a Sea Eagle, two photos of a flying Sea Eagle, and a photo of a flying Raven.
Moved July 19 and 29 updates to Previous Updates.

Monday August 10

Added the cover image previews and HealthAnswers Cerebral Palsy information link to the Skallagrigg page. Also added the Leaves from the Lost Book links in the Duncton Wood section. Moved The Stonor Eagles and Callanish links to separate pages.

Saturday July 25

Made the Augustine Funnell Books quote about Duncton Wood a link after recieving a not completely serious make-it-a-link-or-I'll-sue-you e-mail from the copyright holder on the aforementioned quote.

Thursday July 23

Reorganised the Golden Eagle photos page. Moved April 24 and May 5 updates to Previous Updates. Finally redid my opening page.

Wednesday July 7

Added the William Horwood section of this page. Modified the link to my Skallagrigg page slightly. In The Stonor Eagles section, added two links to photos from the Bioinfo Animal Pictures Archive: of a perching Sea Eagle, and of a calling Raven, as well as a wav file of a Raven. In the Callanish section, added a wav file of a Golden Eagle, a link to information on the Golden Eagle in England, a photo of a perching African Fish Eagle, and a photo of a Tawny Eagle taking off. Added some small, preview images to my Photos of Golden Eagles page.
Added the Amazon.Com entry link on the The Wolves of Time page. Moved the The Willows in Winter and Toad Triumphant sections, along with the newly-created The Willows and Beyond section, to a seperate page: Tales of the Willows. Included The Willows and Beyond in the Books page.

Monday June 29

Added a counter at the bottom of this page. Fixed some links in the Callanish and The Stonor Eagles section, and added the Amazon.Com entries for both of them. Added the TSE family tree. Added a couple Golden Eagle photos, and a graphical title for that page.
Added some photos of Tryfan and a quote about Arbor Low to the Places of Moledom page.

Friday June 19

Made a few little changes to the Book list. Added the quote beneath The Willows in Winter section. Moved Skallagrigg links onto a separate page. Moved March 6 and 13 updates to Previous Updates.

Friday May 5

Added a link to the webpage of MoleMUD. Moved the Wolves of Time section to its own page, fixed the internet bookshop links for it, also modifying the books page accordingly.

Friday April 24

Gave the eagle novels page a graphical title. Finally added Books by William Horwood, which I have been meaning to do for some time. Also added translations of the first sentence of Duncton Wood. Reformated Praise for Duncton Wood.

Friday March 13

Introduced the 'other' icon. Put an icon key on the 'eagle novels' page. Added the second quotation about Duncton Wood. In that section, added a page about harpoon traps.

Friday, March 6

Updated the information about Todd Howard's site on the Duncton books.
Added an ad for Journeys to the Heartlands and linked to a short review of that book.
Moved all the Duncton places links to their own page.

Friday, February 13

Added a link to a short blurb on the Duncton series and also a link to the entry on Watership Down. (Yes, it is relevant! :-)) Linked to a large photo of the Avebury stones.
Added a link to another review of the Skallagrigg movie.
Added links to the Amazon.Com entry on Toad Triumphant, a graphic of its cover, another review of it, and gave it its own section.
Moved the January 9, 16 and 17 updates to Previous Updates.

Friday, January 30

Added a link to another Golden Eagle photo, this one of one in flight.
Added links to a couple photos of the Storr from Anthony Harding's Home Page. I've added the map from the front of The Stonor Eagles, in two versions: black and white and colored.
Added a computer drawn image (by me) of a mole emerging from the ground.

Tuesday, January 20

Added a number of quotes from William Horwood's novels. (Don't worry, none of them contain spoilers). Moved the December 21 and 26 updates to Previous Updates.
Added a link to a page which claims to be 'the definitive online resource' for the Duncton series, but as far as I can tell has only an opening page. :-/ Also linked to the Bookworm book review of Toad Triumphant.

Saturday, January 17 Update

In the Duncton Graphics section, added the front cover of Duncton Tales scanned by Steven Linton and a later edition cover from Psyqer's Suggested Readings Page.
Fixed the Previous Updates link.

Friday, January 16 Update

Uploaded Previous Updates.

Friday, January 9, 1998

The messages on The William Horwood's Books Discussion Board expired. Not a good thing. Sorry about that. I've increased the 'shelf-life' of messages, which should help.
I moved previous updates to a seperate page. Sorry, I forgot to upload that. Will ASAP, i.e. in a few days. In the Duncton Trilogies section, added a link to the Dark Peak information. I also added a Scots translation of the 'seven Stillstones' text, and apologize for my butchering of the language. :-)
In The Stonor Eagles section, added a link to a photo of 'the view from Stac Lee towards the Cuillin' and a photo of part of the Cuillin ridge.

Friday, December 26 Update

Added a link to Ashley Montanaro's Top Ten Books List because The Duncton Chronicles is on it. Decided that from now on will put that trilogy name in italics, modified accordingly.

Sunday, December 21 Update

Happy Longest Night!

Added a link to Martin McCarthy's photos of Callanish. A few minor text changes around the place, as usual.

Friday, December 12 Update

A minor cosmetic change to The Stonor Eagles and Callanish Links Page: I added a horizontal line image. Also added a link to The Sightseer's Guide to High Peak in the Duncton Trilogies section. Removed a dead Golden Eagle photo link. (The link is dead, not the eagle. :-)) A few minor font-style and grammer changes here and there.

Friday, December 3 Update

The William Horwood's Books Discussion Board now exists!

I got rid of the 'Mark of Meaning' link (in the Skallagrigg section) and the 'Intro to the study of Popular Fiction' link (under Duncton Wood)--they're dead and I can't find a new URL. :-P However, to balance this, there are two new Skallagrigg-related links: a page on depression in people with learning disability and the Link-Up June 1997 page.
In addition, I've added some more links to Golden Eagle photos, and a few other new links here and there, which I suppose you'll stumble upon. :-)

Friday, November 21, 1997 Update

I've added a number of links in the Duncton Trilogies section, most about Arbor Low. I've also added a link to The Callanish Standing Stones Photo Page, in (appropriatly enough) the Callanish section. I went through that section with the proverbial fine-toothed comb and changed various links to their site's new location.

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