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"One day you will understand the nature of the power of those eagles and why their name is spoken in awe by each one of us. Their site is over the sea west of Wrath, at the eastern side of the Isle of Lewis. Its name is Callanish and eagles from it should be honored. Their powers are great."


Editions of Callanish

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Allen LaneHardcover

Graham TownsendCover0713916842
Franklin WattsHardcover


1985(?)PenguinPaperbackJohn BarberCover0140072071

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B Callanish was included in Reader's Digest Condensed Books in 1985, with color illustrations by Ted Lewin. It was also published in 1988, in large print, as part of Selections from Reader's Digest Condensed Books and Other Digest Publications Volume 4.


The Association for the Blind of Western Australia (Victoria Park, W.A.) produced a casette recording of Callanish in 1985. Read by Bea Girvan-Brown, this is a set of five casette tapes. This item is held by the National Library of Australia. (Retrieved from WorldCat record, June 27, 2008.)

A talking book of Callanish was produced on casette tape by Soundings (Anstey, Leicester) in 1992. Read by John Henry. This is a set of five casette tapes and has the ISBN 1854966456. Various libraries in Australia and New Zealand hold copies of this item, as listed in WorldCat. (Retrieved from WorldCat record, September 26, 2009.)

Callanish audiobook on

A study guide for Callanish was published in 1990 as part of the blue books series of Guidelines study aids, and was authored by A. Bartie. It is 52 pages and its ISBN is 9781868300600. (Retrieved from WorldCat record, September 26, 2009.)

B Translations of Callanish

My artwork inspired by Callanish

"The Eagle", a poem inspired by Callanish. Posted September 10, 2006 by Richard.

"No eagle is greater than another, all of us are the same wherever we come from and whatever kind we are. For there are many kinds of eagles, Creggan, many kinds."


Cal The Callanish standing stones

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