Praise for Duncton Wood

" earthy epic fantasy...William Horwood has a thoroughbred his first time out, a book with the grace, style, underlying power—and control—of a seasoned champion...The themes of power, survival, passion, courage, sacrifice, love and devotion are presented with astonishing clarity."

—Willard Simms, Los Angeles Times Book Review


"A passionate, lyrical, appealing tale...Consistently absorbing...Enchanting"

—Jane Clapperton, Cosmopolitan


"The story, the overall design of William Horwood's novel, Duncton Wood, achieves that touchy balance between freedom and reflection ... Horwood's imagination is both reaching and sound. ...Altogether, Duncton Woodis a breathtaking achievement."

—William Wangerin Jr., Washington Post Book World


"Horwood has placed his astute ear to the ground and fashioned...a modern masterpiece...Classic themes of conflict are here, good and evil, love and hate, the clash of traditional and modern values."

—Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Houston Chronicle


"An inspiring epic in the tradition of The Lord of the Rings. A tale of genocide, torture, passion, courage, fear and love, an anthropormorphic allegory of spiritual redemption."

Sunday Times


"A massive read...more readable and more rewarding than The Lord of the Rings"

-The Times


"A great big mole-epic with a great big theme"

Daily Mail


"An absolute spellbinder, by Lord of the Rings out of Watership Down. I found it enchanting, compulsive reading....I am still haunted by its beauty."

Magnus Magnusson


"The stuff of legend ... an elaborate allegorical tale of an old system in decline, of moles sapped of spirit and energy as they lose touch with the ancient rituals and codes that in proud bygone days provided them with their life powers ... Horwood's natural world is lyrically realised, his mole empire a delight, his romantic tale full of adventure, suspense, battle and searchings ... A rich, cautionary fairy tale."

Publishers Weekly


"Luxuriantly written...richly drawn, painting a detailed and loving panorama."

Associated Press


"Special, endearing, successful...truly touching...This is a novel for the pure-at-heart and slightly naive, for the childishness in the weary, and the children we should be having...Allegorically fabulous."

Village Voice


"Destined to be a classic...A beautiful story...For lovers of the fantastic tale, this one has something for everyone...Extremely sensuous."

Little Rock Arkansas Gazette


"a fantasy about moles (which is like saying "The Old Man And The Sea" is about a man who catches a fish)"

Augustine Funnell Books description for Duncton Wood


"Horwood is well-versed in small animal lore and descriptions of nature. [...]the first book was quite enchanting in its own way."

— Review of The Willows in Winter within "Books to look for" by Charles de Lint in Fantasy & Science Fiction July 94, Volume 87, Issue 1, p. 36.


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