The Places of Moledom

Sacred Sites

B Rough Stone Monuments and Their Builders, the Project Gutenberg etext of a book which was originally published in 1912.

DW Information on the Avebury site from Richard Mudhar's Megalithia page.

DW A large photo of the Avebury stones from Dave's Photo Gallery.

DW The Webguide to Megalithic Europe has a page on Avebury and one on the Rollright Stones.

DW Another page about the Rollright Stones.

DW A photo of the Rollright Stones.

DW Megalithia has a page on the Rollright Stones, which includes information about the Whispering Knights, which are refered to as the 'Whispering Stoats' in the Duncton books.

DW Bablock Hythe, a post I wrote to the discussion group in August 2004.

To the south [of the Dark Peak] are Beechenhill and Ashbourne, and famed Arbor Low, that circle of Stones which most accept as marking out the end of wormful moledom, and the true beginning of the north.

— Chapter 16 of Duncton Tales.

DW A page on Arbor Low with a photo and a short description, again from Megalithia.

DW Information about Arbor Low from Cressbrook Multimedia.

DW Two photos of Arbor Low from Andy Burnham's page.


Mt A description of walking Tryfan and the Eastern Summits, with photographs.

Mt Sandy Saunders' description of walking up Tryfan and over the Glyders also has photographs, as does Tryfan via the South Ridge.

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