Artwork inspired by Duncton Wood and the Duncton trilogies

By Simon Mann (website at

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Duncton Wood. The Duncton Stone. Siabod. 1995.

Mole skeleton.

By Katherine Delany

A mother mole and her tiny child. Pencil drawing. March 8, 2006.

Mole with an earthworm. Pencil drawing. February 2004.

A pensive grey-furred mole sitting in a sandy tunnel. Pencil drawing added to with computer paint program. 1999.

A mole stretching upwards, delving on a tunnel wall. Pencil crayon with black ball-point pen. 1999.

By Clayette

Eldrene Stout, white mole. 2004 or earlier.

To Find
In the way to find Silence. 2004 or earlier.

By Sarah Parr

Rooster sculpture by Sarah Parr

Tattoos By Design
Tryfan tattoo at Tattoos By Design (2007)

Duncton Wood graphic of Bracken and Rebecca's meeting, by Chalkdown on Artstation


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