Links Related to William Horwood's Callanish

The Callanish standing stones

Cal A page on Callanish from Megalithia.

Information on the Calanais site from Undiscovered Scotland.

Cal Martin McCarthy's Ancient Scotland website has a page, with photographs, on each of the sites: Calanais I, Calanais II, Calanais III and Calanais IV.

Cal The Callanish Standing Stones Photo Page by Joanne Mackenzie-Winters.

Cal Some beautiful photographs of the Callanish standing stones by Charles Tait.

Cal Images of Callanish from Myths and Legends Photography.

My own photographs of the Callanish standing stones:
Taken in September of 1999. They scanned in a bit darker than was actually the case; the weather was terribly windy, and cold, but not actually storming.

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