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We were told in the media and read in Volume 1 of The Wolves of Time, Journeys to the Heartland, that William Horwood had begun another trilogy. To quote from the author blurb in the hardcover edition of Journeys to the Heartland:
Journeys to the Heartland is the first volume in his new trilogy, The Wolves of Time.

And from The Call of the Wild, an article in Bookcase:
[Journeys to the Heartland is] The first in a dramatic new trilogy entitled The Wolves Of Time.

But the single most detailed and definite information was in the back of the paperback of Volume 1. Here it is, verbatim:

Wanderers of the Wolfways

William Horwood


'I am a Wanderer, and it is to Klimt of Tornesdal that I have journeyed these long years to speak,' the old wolf said, his voice like the whisper of the wind through the ancient trees of the far distant land whence he had come. 'Therefore, lead me to him now...'

Under the austere yet inspiring leadership of Klimt, the Wolves of Time have taken back the Heartland. They have defeated the treacherous Magyar wolves, successfully avoided a confrontation with the Mennen, and their first cubs have been raised, one of whom is the god Wulf, in mortal form.

But now, in addition to this awesome responsibility, Klimt faces a new challenge. As the Magyar regain their strength under Fuhrer, their loathsome leader, and the Mennen enter a phase of war and anarchy that threatens to engulf Europe, the Wolves lose their spiritual direction and purpose. Help comes in the form of a wolf--A Wanderer--from the mysterious lands of the watersheds, north of the holy Lake Baikal, far to the east and further than any ordinary wolf has ever travelled.

Can Klimt accept the challenge the Wanderer gives him, and himself set off on a spiritual quest upon the lost and forgotten Wolfways?

To do so he must give up control of the pack he leads, abandon the Heartland territory he has won at such a cost, and, worst of all, risk the lives of his two sons, upon one of whom the fulfilment of Wolfkind's destiny depends...

Wanderers of the Wolfways

is now available in hardback from

I might add that Volume 2 most certainly was not available. Journeys to the Heartland was published in Hardback in February of 1995, then in paperback in February of 1996. Seekers at the Wulfrock was finally published in July of 1997, seventeen months later.

It seems that Wanderers of the Wolfways has gone the way of Tales of Longest Night: part-written, publicised, then changed, parts of it incorporated into other novels, but its existance as a novel in its own right forever lost.

From the author blurb of Seekers at the Wulfrock:
Seekers at the Wulfrock completes the WOLVES saga.

Seekers at the Wulfrock does, indeed, seem to complete the saga. There is, perhaps, a story that could still be told. But it would not continue the story of the Wolves of Time. That tale is ended.

Personally, I feel unhappy—and worse than that, I feel cheated—that that tale ended so soon.

— Katherine Delany, 1999.

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