Artwork Based On -The Stonor Eagles-

Drawn by and copyright 1998-1999 by Katherine Delany.

Preview28A pencil drawing of a Sea Eagle standing on a rock, with a fish.PencilJanuary
07, 1998
Preview48 Side view of a flying Sea Eagle.Pencil crayon1998
Preview38Portrait of a Sea Eagle.Pencil crayon1998
Preview64A Sea Eagle standing, wings spread, on a cliff, facing the sea. Style is more-or-less deliberatly childish; I was thinking of James Stonor's early drawing for his father.Pencil crayon1998
Preview22A Sea Eagle in flight.Pencil crayonJanuary 24, 1999
Preview38Pencil drawing of the face of a Sea Eagle. Contrast intensified on the computer, as it scanned in somewhat pale.PencilSeptember 09, 1999
Preview35Pencil drawing of the head of a fluff-feathered juvenile.PencilSeptember 09, 1999
Preview24My portrait of a Raven.Pencil crayonDecember 31, 1998

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