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This began with the lists of characters in the front of Duncton Rising and Duncton Stone, the second and third volumes of The Book of Silence trilogy. I have melded the two lists together, and modified the comments to include the events of Duncton Stone, as well as adding entries for a number of characters. I also added a final column which gives the birthplace of each character, when known.

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ArumLoyal helper to Thripp.
ArvonA Siabod mole, a follower, and something of a route-finder. Maple met him in Caer Caradoc.Siabod
Avens A young and aimless would-be scholar from AveburyAvebury
BantamA Duncton female who becomes a Newborn. Sadistic and vindictive, and a friend of SnydeDuncton Wood
BarreNewborn Senior Brother Inquistor, of a bullying sadistic kind. Sent by Quail and Thripp to help cleanse Duncton Wood's Library. Killed in the chamber of Roots.
BodenOne of Thripp's most loyal helpers.
BrimmelSmallest of Privet's pups by her Brother Confessor, Thripp. She died young.Blagrove Slide
BrimmelSon of Whillan and Loosestrife. He told Duncton Tales, Duncton Rising and Duncton Stone to Collis.
CaldeyKnown as Sister Caldey. The leader of the Community of Rose.
ChamferDrubbins' young brother and a keeper of the peace.Duncton Wood
ChaterA journeymole working for the Duncton Library, and mate of Fieldfare. Killed at Caer Caradoc.Duncton Wood
ChervilA charismatic powerful and senior Newborn Brother. Thripp's son by Privet. Called Mumble as a pup.
CluniacSon of Elynor and a doughty follower who helps Pumpkin.Duncton Wood
CobbettMaster Librarian of Beechenhill, and brother of Stour and Husk. Sets Privet on her quest for the Book of Silence.
CollisScribed down Duncton Tales, Duncton Rising and Duncton Stone as dictated to him by Brimmel.
ComplineSenior Delver of Compline Chamber of the Charnel.The Charnel Clough
DintAn Elder of the system of Great Stoke at the time of Rooster's arrival there.Great Stoke
DrubbinsElder of Duncton Wood at the time of Privet's arrival, and a close friend of Stour. Killed by the Brother Inquisitors.Duncton Wood
DrumlinDaughter of Gaunt and mother of Glee.The Charnel Clough
ElynorElderly female follower who becomes friend and help of Pumpkin. Mother of Cluniac.Duncton Wood
FallowOne of Chervil's guardmoles. Son of Feldspar.
FeldsparChervil's personal guardmole. Father of Fallow and Tarn.
FetterA Newborn Senior Brother Inquisitor sent by Thripp to 'cleanse' the Duncton Library of blasphemous texts. He travels in company with Law and Barre, among whom he is first among equals. Intelligent and cruel.
FeyKindly female who helped her mate Tarn care for Shire in Crowden.Crowden
FieldfareMiddle-aged female who befriends Privet on her arrival at Duncton. Resident of the Eastside and mate of Chater, from whom she is separated on her journey to Seven Barrows where she helps lead a group of rebels. After Chater's death becomes Hamble's mate. Duncton Wood
FiddlerA young warrior male of the Rollright system.Rollright
FirkinCopy Master of the Duncton Library.Duncton Wood
FrogbitA young orphaned male, originally of the system of Great Stoke, who became Rooster's apprentice.Great Stoke
FurrowA follower. Mate of Myrtle, and friend of Maple.Broseley
GauntThe senior delver, known as Mentor, and leader of the delvers of the Charnel Clough. Father of Drumlin. Half-brother of Prime.The Charnel Clough
GleeAlbino female puphood friend of Rooster in the Charnel Clough. Close friend of Humlock. Daughter of Drumlin.The Charnel Clough
GrearAggressive last leader of the Ratcher moles. Son of Red Ratcher and therefore one of Rooster's brothers. Rooster kills him at Crowden.
HambleCrowden warrior and puphood friend of Privet, later colleague of Rooster on his campaign against Newborns to the east of moledom. After Chater's death becomes mate to Fieldfare.Crowden
HawthornDaughter of Whillan and Loosestrife, sister of Rose and Brimmel.
HobsleyElderly follower who escapes into a coppice named after him north of Caer Caradoc. Privet, Rooster, Maple, Weeth, Whillan and Madoc stay with him.
HibbottA mole of Ashbourne Chase who went on a pilgrimage in search of Privet. He saw the Book of Silence.Ashbourne Chase
HilbertLegendary last known medieval Master of the Delve. Founder of the Charnel Clough delving tradition.
HumeA senior delver of the Charnel Clough, and Rooster's mentor.The Charnel Clough
HumlockBlind, deaf-mute puphood male friend of Glee and Rooster in the Charnel Clough. Mother is Sedum.The Charnel Clough
HuskReclusive Keeper of Rolls, Rhymes and Tales, brother of Stour and Cobbett. Scribed the Book of Tales which became the first folio of the Book of Silence. Killed by the Newborns at the end of Duncton Tales.
LavenderDrubbin's mate.
LawNewborn Senior Brother Inquisitor sent by Quail and Thripp to help cleanse Duncton Wood's Library.
LimePrivet's spiteful sister by Shire, and the favoured one. She is the mother of Whillan by Rooster, but died at his birth.Crowden
LoosestrifeOne of Privet's female pups by her Brother Confessor, Thripp. Her mother's favourite. She becomes Whillan's mate and is the mother of Rose, Hawthorn and Brimmel.Blagrove Slide
MadocNewborn female (known as Sister Hope) from Bowdler who becomes follower when she is befriended by Privet. Loves Whillan but is raped by Squelch and bears pups by him in Siabod, including Morwenna.Bowdler
MapleNephew of Lavender. Much respected for his strength and fighting knowledge; but essentially a gentle mole. Accompanies Privet and Whillan to Caer Caradoc. Lead the folloers against the Newborns. Was infested by talon worms but cleansed of them at the Community of Rose.Duncton Wood
MeddickAn elderly male of the Community of Rose who dies soon after Privet's arrival there.
MorwennaDaughter of Madoc by Squelch. Born in Siabod. She sought out her father in Duncton Wood.Siabod
MumblePrivet's only male pup by her Brother Confessor, Thripp. Called Chervil as an adult.Blagrove Slide
MyrtleMate to Turrell of the Moors. Not to be confused with Myrtle, Furrow's mate, both friends of Maple.
MyrtleA follower. She and her mate Furrow were both friends of Maple. After Furrow's death she becomes Sturne's mate.Broseley
NoakesEnterprising follower, originally from Gurney. One of the rebels under Spurling at Seven Barrows.Gurney
NoneFemale Senior Delver of the None Chamber of the Charnel.The Charnel Clough
PeachMate to Spurling.
PrimeDwarf Senior Delver in charge of Prime Chamber of the Charnel. Half-sister of Gaunt.The Charnel Clough
PrivetScribemole born at Crowden in the Moors. Daughter of Shire, granddaughter of the infamous Eldrene Wort; her father is Sward. During a period in Blagrove Slide, she had pups—Brimmel, Sampion, Loosestrife and Mumble (later Chervil)—by her brother Confessor, Thripp. Was in search of, then scribed, the Book of Silence, the last of seven Books of Moledom. She once 'loved and lost' Rooster. Adoptive mother of Whillan.Crowden
PumpkinLibrary aide who worked closely with Stour. Now elderly but fiercely loyal to his Master and entrusted with the task of helping to resist the Newborns. Becomes a brave but reluctant leader of the remaining rebels in Duncton Wood. He died placing the Book of Silence beneath the Duncton Stone where the other six Books waited.Duncton Wood
QuailA high ranking Newborn Brother from Avebury. Father of Squelch. Died during the foul ceremony at Duncton to name him paramount and prime.Avebury
Red RatcherVile and rapine leader of the Ratcher Clan of the Charnel Clough. He fathered Rooster on Samphire, the only one of his mates he could not dominate. Killed by Rooster at Crowden.The Charnel Clough
RoltBrother Rolt was a sympathetic Newborn assistant to Thripp, Privet's Brother Confessor at Blagrove Slide. He saw her pups safe.
RoosterSon of Red Ratcher and Samphire. Born in the obscure Charnel Clough high on the Saddleworth Moors. Believed to be a Modern Master of the Delve, the first in centuries, but a wild, massive, ugly, unpredictable one.The Charnel Clough
RoseDaughter of Whillan and Loosestrife. Sister of Hawthorn and Brimmel.
SamphireRooster's mother. Originally abducted from Chieveley Dale by Red Ratcher.Chieveley Dale
SampionOne of Privet's female pups by her Brother Confessor, Thripp. In adulthood, she has a mate and pups.Blagrove Slide
SansFoster-mother of Shire. A cold disciplinarian.
SedumMother of Humlock.The Charnel Clough
SextSenior Delver of the Sext Chamber of the Charnel.The Charnel Clough
ShirePrivet's mother, and herself daughter of Wort.
SkuaSenior Brother Inquisitor under Quail, and effectively his second-in-command. A pitiless persecutor of follower and Newborn alike.
SlaneThe Senior Brother Inquisitor responsible for the Ludlow strettening.
SnydeUnpleasant hunchbacked scholar and scribemole who clawed his way up to be Deputy Master of the Library. Went over to the Newborn side, where he was able to reveal his perverted nature.
SpurlingFollower, and escaped library aide, from Avebury. He led a group of refugees from Buckland. His mate was Peach. Joined Fieldfare on the way to Seven Barrows. Killed in a battle with the Newborns.Avebury
SquelchQuail's obese son. His extreme depravity is redeemed only by his wonderful ability to sing and make melody. He fathers pups on Madoc. One of these is Morwenna who seeks him out in Duncton Wood.
StourMaster Librarian of Duncton Wood and regarded as the greatest scholar and librarian in moledom. Brother of Cobbett and Husk. An outspoken enemy of the Newborns, went into secret retreat in the Ancient System. Goes to the Silence taking the Six found Books of Moledom to their resting place beneath the Duncton Stone.
StoweA loyal follower, and Elder at Bourton in the Wolds.
SturneUnsmiling librarian, one of the Keepers in the Library. Trusted before all others (but Pumpkin) by Stour, who always appeared to reject him. Kept up a courageous pretence of siding with the Newborns during Stour's final retreat. A friend of Pumpkin.
SwardKnown as Sward the Scholar. A wandering scribemole of the Moors. Mate of Shire and father of Privet and Lime.
TarnAn aide in the Crowden Library, who befriended Shire. Mate to Fey.Crowden
TarnOne of Chervil's guardmoles. Son of Feldspar.
TerceSenior Delver of the Terce Chamber of the Charnel.The Charnel Clough
ThrippSinister but charismatic leader of the Newborns, originally of Blagrove Slide, then resident at Caer Caradoc. Was Privet's Brother Confessor at Blagrove Slide and fathered her pups, Brimmel, Sampion, Loosestrife, and Mumble, later known as Chervil. Turned against Quail">Quail.Blagrove Slide
TurrellA grike mole living in seclusion on the Moors with his mate, Myrtle. Father of Waythorn.
WaythornSon of Turrell from the Moors.
WeethA male Newborn turned follower. Loyal assistant to Maple.Evesham
WesleyScholarly Newborn who helped form the Newborn cell in Duncton's Marsh End. His coming warned Stour how dangerous the Newborn sect might be.
WhillanSon of Lime and Rooster. Fostered by Privet after being mysteriously discovered by Stour at the cross-under into Duncton Wood, his newborn siblings dead, his then-unnamed mother dying. Trained in scribing by Privet and Pumpkin. Loved Madoc for a time. Eventually became mate to Loosestrife, and fathers Rose, Hawthorn and Brimmel.Duncton Wood
(The Cross-under)
WhindrellA Rowton follower who supports Maple against the Newborns.Rowton
WorthingA Newborn Brother who lives in the Marsh End.
WortThe Eldrene Wort was an evil ally of the moles of the Word in Duncton Quest and Duncton Found who caused much harm to the followers. Notorious persecutor of Beechen, the Stone Mole. She escaped to the Moors, sought the Stone's forgiveness, and gave birth to Shire.
YstwelynA male Siabod mole, known to Maple, who he met at Caer Caradoc. Siabod


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