Seven Stillstones, Seven Books made...

Translated into Scots

Seven lownstanes, seeven buiks makkit
Aw bit ane hae cum tae grund

Forehand, e stane o erd fur wizzen
Saicant, e stane fur drool mowdie
Trid o strauchle, frae slauchter
Fowert o mirksome, frae daith
Fift o skeelie, frae tiggin
Sixt o licht, frae luve

Noo oo wyte fur e laist stane
Wi'oot whilk e raing his slap
An e seevent, e loast an laist buik
Be whase wirds oo mith seilie

Fin e loast buik
Sen e laist stane
Bring thaim tae Uffington

Sen stalwart mowdie,
An mowdie innerline
Wi trid an laist tae bin thaim
Be e cosh licht o luve

Sang o seelence,
Birl o meesterie,
Frae thir luve ane muir wull come
Ei e stane haud,
Ei e buik brings,
Heez e seelence o e Stane.


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