Duncton Found Epilogue

The epilogue in the 1989 hardback of Duncton Found published by Century, which appears to be the first edition, is different from that in later editions of Duncton Found. It is much shorter, and has none of the foreshadowing of The Book of Silence trilogy present in the later, longer epilogue. I reproduce this original epilogue here in full, as it is present only in an edition now out of print.


Woodruff's Duncton Chronicles were finally started on the Longest Night following, as a tale told to a community of impatient moles.
    'We're not going to have to wait until you've scribed them all down, are we?' asked one of them.
    He shook his head, smiled, crunched a worm and said, 'I'm ready to begin it now if you like.'
    'You do that, mole! But wait until we get comfortable.'
    So Woodruff did, and started in the traditional way: 'From my heart to your hearts I tell this tale...' Then he paused, and smiled again, and began like this:
    'Bracken was born on an April night in a warm dark burrow, deep in the historic system of Duncton Wood, six mole years after Rebecca...'
    Moles, that's how his Chronicles begin and, strangely enough, it's how they seem to end.

...well, almost...

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